NOOR EDUCATION TRUST (NET) is a non-profitable, charitable trust dealing with the most vulnerable segments of the society. It works under five basic components:
• Mera Ghar (My Home)
Mera Ghar (MG) Crisis intervention and Advocacy program with a shelter known by the same name. The Mera Ghar component of the trust seeks to support women survivors of violence through safe shelter, psychological, medical and legal aid programs.

• Rar’ran (light enlightment) child protection and education program
A children’s program called “Rarran” (meaning light) is providing support to the displaced and abandoned children in line with CRC

• “Hope” empowerment programs for the youth
‘Hope’ portfolio has mainly to do with capacity building and empowerment of youth on human right issues, international instruments and treatise signed by the comity of nations based on the concept of fundamental rights, equity and justice.

• Pohantoon (A university) training and education development institute
The central brain of the Trust, “Puhantun” (an institute of learning and knowledge), develops and designs the NET program portfolios, carries out action research about the specific needs of women and child survivors of violence and youth in our socio-cultural context, and, on that basis, develop rehabilitation and other developmental programs. Puhantun is also responsible for development and further expansion of the Trust, fund raising and exploring sustainability of its programs and the institution.

• Humanitarian Assistance (Emergency & Relief )
Under this component, relief activities are designed for emergency situations under conflicts and disasters.

The central NET project / program experience is continually evaluated, local expertise on prevention and management of gender-based violence, child rights and youth is developed and the lessons learned in the course of any project experience is made available to other initiatives aiming to prevent and manage gender-based violence or child protection programs.

Noor Education Trust

Noor Education Trust NET organized Survey/Meeting in the 5 selected UCs of Peshawar on 28th November 2019. The Survey/Meeting with the community Activist to sensitize them about Gender-Based Violence, develop linkages and strengthen the referral mechanism.

Noor Education Trust (NET) participated in the Consultation Meeting organized by PJN about establishing Integrated Coordination, Reporting and Monitoring Mechanis.

Center for Research & Security Studies (CRSS) invited Noor Education Trust NET to the Radio Pakistan.

Noor Education Trust is celebrating 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence.